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"My husband and I are practiced hosts, we love to entertain at home…and pride ourselves in working with only the best purveyors. For the last ten years, and hopefully for many to come, our first phone call is always to Jordi & CO. Jordi defines personal service. I have used her to plan and execute events for governors and gradeschoolers, heads of Fortune 500 companies and family, trustees and teenagers. She always exceeds expectations.

Jordi's taste is impeccable, her design eye superb, and her execution flawless. Invitations are always gorgeous, flowers and tables are divine, and she masters every possible detail in the planning and execution of every party.

Jordi is great to work with, knows our taste, our needs and can ‘make it all happen.‘ Whether creating lavish formal Christmas decor or tailoring decorations for college send-off parties for our kids, everything is always perfect. Tablescapes, florals and invitations are thematically produced; these are not just parties—they are milestones in our lives.

Bringing Jordi in to design an event is to ensure that we can enjoy ourselves in the planning process and at the event itself. She makes our lives easier and our parties unforgettable. We cannot recommend her more highly"

Shelly Lowe, client
Pasadena, CA


"I've known Jordi, of Jordi & CO, for many years. I first learned of her through friends in the Palisades. I first attended a Jordi & CO event about 10 years ago and it was truly magnificent. It’s hard to explain her attention to detail in every aspect of her productions. She styled a cocktail party, held at my former residence in Hancock Park, that truly transformed the house."

Rob DuWors, client
Beverly Hills, CA


"Despite our hectic schedules, my husband and I love to entertain. Jordi takes party concepts to whole other levels. While all will vouch for her exceptional eye and incredible taste, her true talent is in turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, many times using pieces around our home and augmenting with a few treasures she's found along the way. I truly appreciate how she works within any budget—whether it's a tablescape for a formal dinner party or turning the backyard into Cajun Country, Jordi delivers with every event."

Gretchen and Dan Pugliese, clients
Pasadena, CA


"Who can take a narrow tabletop and build a stunning 5-foot floral arrangement? Who can look over your serving pieces and present them like never before? Who can answer a call for a 1950’s themed dinner with nouvelle meatloaf? Jordi Stringfellow of Jordi and CO can, and she does it time after time. Jordi's creative imagination is backed up with amazing abilities to print, stack, drape, twist, sauté and arrange. Her years in entertainment law show through as she manages other creative folks and always meets budgets and deadlines. With Jordi you can go to your own party."

Kate Duey
La Cañada Flintridge, CA



"Jordi & CO gives you the most important thing you can ask for: peace of mind.

Because, the invitations are going to be perfect, they’ll make going to your event irresistible.
Because the decor will be unbelievable and grand, and absolutely appropriate to whatever is being celebrated. Because the food will be at the level of any high quality restaurant and—again, the innovation will be talked about endlessly.

Jordi & CO is both sizzle and steak, so to speak. Her events are substantive and festive and are created not just for the moment but to forever rest in the memories of the participants. I have personally witnessed Jordi absolutely obsess over parties and dinners—it's really something to behold. As a movie director, I'd be proud to have her organize my premieres and parties—and I'd be lucky as well."

Rod Lurie
Hollywood, CA



"No words can describe how happy I was with the job that Jordi did designing mine and my husband's joint 50th birthday party. Jordi and I talked about what I envisioned; I wanted it to be elegant, like a Hollywood nightclub in 30’s and 40’s. And fun—with costumes. Jordi designed a showstopping invitation, encased in a film canister, that was hand delivered to my guests. We worked together so easily, and it made designing the whole party such a delightful experience. When we met, she brought fabrics, flower containers, and thematic props so that I could envision what my house would look like the night of the party. The final product was AMAZING. The flowers were INSANE— HUGE arrangements of glorious lilies and white roses everywhere. Wonderful silver animal figurines were reminiscent of classic Tiffany design. It really felt like Joan Crawford and Cary Grant were going to walk in any minute. My guests were absolutely blown away. I received compliments all night and for the next couple of weeks, telling me it was the party of the year. I could have never done it without Jordi’s creative and beautiful ideas. She truly brought my initial concept to life in a way that far exceeded my expectations. I would happily recommend Jordi & CO to others, and I will use her brilliant services again!"

Sarah Young Miller, client
San Marino, CA



"I hired Jordi & CO to help plan and execute three events. My goal on all three: simple elegance based on a general theme, fine hospitality, excellent food and entertainment. Jordi succeeded in executing it all with grace. She works intelligently and efficiently, and it's delightful to work with her.

My daughter's engagement party was a catered dinner outdoors. A fine floral artist, Jordi used a combination of different white flowers on each table, with tea lights and candle sticks. It was a romantic evening under the stars. The look was clean, classic and elegant. Her attention to detail exceeded my expectations. Guests commented on how this party could have been my daughter’s wedding!

Then there was the bridal shower...a luncheon at a private mansion. Since the wedding was to be a destination wedding in Santa Barbara with a beach theme, Jordi ran with that for the shower as well. Delivered in a box containing a simple polished seashell, ivory ribbon and vellum over linen papers, the invitation set the tone for the event. Jordi constructed the florals and centerpieces. The home seemed like a summer beach garden. The perfume of the fresh flowers and the floral extravaganza were intoxicatingly beautiful and created a magnificent ambiance. An accomplished chef herself, I trusted Jordi to plan an exquisite menu and a gorgeous tablescape. She created a sense of hospitality that made all the guests, especially my daughter, feel special. Every detail was elegant and refined.

For yet another bridal shower, Jordi helped execute my idea of a minimalist Asian/beach theme at the Jonathan Club in Santa Monica. I wanted the beach views to shine and requested simple decor with muted colors. Jordi chose ivory and celadon green with dark wood accents and suggested Simon Pierce celadon green bowls for the centerpieces. These were an extravagant choice I was delighted to approve because I later gave the bowls to the bride-to-be as a gift. The end result was an elegant lunch overlooking the bay that is remembered fondly"

Hilda Herrera Adler, client
Los Angeles, CA



"Attending one of Jordi’s events is like walking through a wonderland or a stage set. I finally caught on that this was not work for her, this is her passion and she is truly an artist. I like to call her the Martha Stewart of Pasadena."

Connie Sorensen
Pasadena, CA



"Jordi handles all my seasonal decor and it is showstopping! My mantles are each unique and impeccably produced to match the decor of the rooms they are in, and my staircase garlands are always beautiful yet never the same from year to year. Jordi also handles all of my gift wrap needs. She executes hostess gifts that has made me the talk of the town…She has even, at my request, commissioned and packaged specialty gourmet foods for me to give as memorable eco-friendly gifts."

Shelly Lowe, client
Pasadena, CA


"Jordi Stringfellow was the very best gift I ever gave myself!

I was planning two big Christmas open houses, back-to-back. I was in a panic, and, on the recommendation of a friend, called Jordi. She was such a delight to work with that she now comes every year to help decorate our home.

One of the most wonderful things about Jordi is that she works with you to help you use what you already have on hand in new and exciting ways.

Everyone always comments on how lovely our house looks at Christmas. And it does, thanks to Jordi! She makes my life so much easier, it is privilege to know her, and I highly recommend her."

Mary Luck, client
Glendale, CA



”There aren’t enough adjectives to describe the magic she makes. She did the flowers for both of my sons’ bar mitzvahs. Beautiful, beautiful arrangements at our temple & at the Athenaeum. So beautiful, in fact, that more than one person came up to me after each service and said, ‘Oh yeah, he did great…but WHO did your flowers?!‘

We've been friends for 20 years & I still marvel. She & Dean have a spectacular Christmas party every year which is opulent yet intimate at the same time. Then there's their annual Halloween party that has to be seen to be believed: an extravaganza of giant spider webs, crows & bubbling stuff, with new surprises every year. I could go on and on. All of it amazing."

Ellen Osheroff, client
Pasadena, CA



"I always bring my iphone to one of Jordi’s events because the décor is always spectacular and I want to show my colleagues and friends. Jordi was hired to assist my husband in designing my 50th birthday party. From the save-the-date cards to the florals, it was beautiful and memorable. Whether she’s displaying a custom-created haunted candy Halloween house in your kitchen, a full scale sled and Christmas polar bear on your buffet table, or taking you back in time to a formal dinner at Chasen's restaurant, your guests will be wowed!"

Carol Raineri, client
Los Angeles, CA



"Jordi is great to work with, on-time, and amazingly creative. I've requested many arrangements from her, they always arrive full, fresh and gorgeous. Without a doubt, I’ll continue to use Jordi & CO."

Frances Yokota
Westridge School, Pasadena, CA



"My friend, Jordi Stringfellow, proprietor of Jordi & CO, will simply dazzle you. She will make your intimate party for six or a gala for hundreds a beautiful, memorable event. Her seasonal decor is unparalleled. Her creative flair and artistic style sets her apart from other home designers and party planners. Jordi does it all: invitation design, party concept, gorgeous, floral tablescapes that will take your breath away. She is well known in Pasadena for her seasonal decorating and custom gift wrapping—creative and stunningly beautiful! Jordi works within budget to create just the look you hoped for! She is a true artist with a practical side. I highly recommend Jordi & CO."

Maureen Sprunger
San Marino, CA



"My mother and I hired Jordi to plan my engagement party and bridal luncheon. She was wonderful to work with and executed my vision to perfection. From the invitations to florals and the menu, she created a magical evening that “wowed” all our guests. Jordi's impeccable taste combined with her decisiveness and attention to detail made planning these events effortless."

Monica Thomas, client
Dallas, TX



"For twenty years, Jordi Stringfellow has been a great resource and an inspiration. One very special party Jordi planned for me was a wedding shower I gave for a most renowned photographer. What a daunting task—planning an event for someone with exquisite taste of their own. Jordi made the wedding shower intimate and perfect, just as the guest of honor would have done for herself.

Jordi is also known in Pasadena for creating the “best” birthday parties for kids. A special one that comes to mind was for our own boys— a Star Wars-themed pool party. Jordi built a bridge across a pool where Darth Vader and the birthday boy had light saber battles and could safely fall right into the water. Another...a “Mission Impossible” party, featured a mystery to solve—complete with actors, high tech gadgets, and special effects! Jordi transports children to their dreams, with the ambience and activities. She devises games and décor to work together.

Her own yearly Halloween party is always looked forward to. There is always an enormous “haunted” gingerbread mansion as the centerpiece in the room, life-sized white “meringue bones,” steaming cauldrons of chili with scavenging crows, and spiders in the cobwebs of the buffet as to the "horror."

Jordi Stringfellow has an endless imagination. I know I can count on her for anything at all to do with my entertaining needs."

Elizabeth Brady Woods, client
Pasadena, CA



"I had the opportunity to work with Jordi Stringfellow when our family hosted a special birthday celebration for a dear friend.

Jordi helped develop the theme and suggested ways to showcase our home's best features. Almost effortlessly, she orchestrated the entire party. It was nothing short of amazing!

She was with us every step of the way and arrived the day prior to the event to stage our home. With her came a garden of flowers which were arranged to perfection. Jordi made exquisite use of our own decorations and provided her own tasteful touches. On the day of the event, Jordi was there; making sure that every course was properly prepared, tastefully presented and served with panache.

Of course, the ultimate compliment to Jordi & CO was from our guests. Virtually every guest commented on the quality of the service, the beauty of the presentation, and the outstanding food. Our home never looked more lovely than after Jordi finished her magic!

What a pleasure it was to turn over the task of coordinating the party to such a professional and be able to enjoy the evening. The evening was a huge success, beyond expectaions and all of the credit goes to Jordi & CO"

Jerry L'Hommedieu, client
Beverly Hills, CA



"I hired Jordi in 2002 to make a floral arrangement. This one task led to me to hire Jordi multiple times over the last decade to plan and beautifully execute professional and personal events and home design. Most recently, she was my interior designer for our 3,000 sq. ft. basement. The finished space includes a media room, billiard room, office, laundry and gift wrap rooms, and a wine cave. Jordi's skills in design, management and organization are evident. Her creative ideas are inspired. Every year, we look forward to having Jordi decorate our home for the holidays and are never disappointed. I never consider making significant design decisions to our home without her input."

May Wong, client
Pasadena, CA


"My husband and I have been lucky enough to attend many holiday parties where we have admired Jordi’s work. It is astonishing how one Christmas party never looks like another and each is even more spectacular than the last. Jordi can make any dining table look like a royal feast. She literally builds a card table into a spread fit for Versailles. She knows how to place candles to glint through vases and off of crystal and silver as if royalty were to be present."

Elizabeth Brady Woods, client
Pasadena, CA


"”Over-the-top fantastic…I was a lucky guest at a Cole Porter themed event that Jordi created. To entice us to attend, guests were mailed a song CD as a “save the date.” The home was flawlessly decorated with nostalgic books and fabulous florals. There was music and of course, gourmet food (lobster pot pie—to match the flamboyance of that era). At the grand piano, a professional pianist sang Cole Porter songs. Jordi’s events create life long memories. Her talents combine grandeur with decor, and she engages guests to participate and enjoy her creativity at every turn."

Nancy Elieff, colleague
South Pasadena, CA


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